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Thank you, Sharon, for your thoughtful read and review of my romantic suspense novel, Black Creek, due out September 24th! I’m sure the main character, Brie Chapman, would be pleased with your stamp of approval on her landscaping and gardening work.

“Black Creek is a book that can be enjoyed anywhere – on the beach, in a lounge chair, or relaxing in bed.  The lives of two families and friends are intertwined despite their hardships and losses.  Suspicions, love interests, and conflicts occur at intervals that keep the reader’s interest.  The main character’s careers as teacher and landscaper draw her into the life of a neighbor, which kindles yet another emotional phase for her.  Readers are left in suspense to the very end as to who the villain is and the “whys” being answered.  Ms. Wolfe’s description of landscape designs gives her audience a visual for their mind’s eye.  The choices of plants indicate that research was done not only on the environmental and horticultural needs necessary for that region, but also for aesthetic purposes.”

Sharon Jaeger

University of Illinois Master Gardener of McLean County11954613_956309104421622_4053007244807533105_n

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