Dark Vengeance (August 2013)

Dark Vengeance cover

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Red flags erupt around LA artist, Duncan Reed. Trafficking survivor, Detective Nickie Savage must decide whether to arrest him or accept his help with her biggest case yet. Duncan spent much of his life reliving the night his beloved aunt was nearly murdered. The night he was used as bait. Now the assailant is free and a whole new line of twists begin…twists that include the complicated Detective Nickie Savage.

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8 Responses to Dark Vengeance (August 2013)

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  2. Sandy Lewis says:

    R.T. ~ I am now pacing! As in, what am I going to do without Dark Vengeance till it comes out??! Can hardly wait!

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  6. Susan Kuhn says:

    I can not find the release date for Dark Vengeance? Can’t wait until is is out.

    • R.T. says:

      Susan: Thank you for your interest. The official release date is August 28th. It is for pre-order on iTunes, BN and Kobo right now. Amazon should be around Sunday-ish. If you would like, sign up for my monthly newsletter. It is the only way I know to keep updated on new releases and works-in-progress. Happy Reading! -R.T.

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