.99c SALE Nickie Savage Series Boxed Set

.99c SALE-Detective Nickie Savage Boxed Set!
This won’t last long.
View purchase links: http://bit.ly/2lnlnw8

Lending her expertise to help the FBI bring down a child trafficking ring, Detective Nickie Savage discovers that the men they’re tracking are the same ones who abducted her as a young teen.
Risking her badge, Nickie goes rogue with surveillance expert Duncan Reed. But the closer they get to the King Pin, the closer she and Duncan become with each other.
Now Nickie must choose: break her own rules and risk her heart, or forge ahead…alone.


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The Detective Nickie Savage Series Boxed Set Hit Bestseller today!

The Detective Nickie Savage Series Boxed Set Hit Bestseller today!

I am speechless. That’s a hard thing to make happen to a fiction novel author. I always feel so small (because I am), but today I sit next to James Patterson and I’ll take it.

Detective NICKIE SAVAGE SERIES boxed set hit…
#88 overall on Amazon. link: http://amzn.to/2yLyekO
#18 overall at Barnes and Noble. link: http://bit.ly/2y3YXc5
#31 overall at iBooks. http://apple.co/2zPihqQ
#10 overall on Kobo. link: http://bit.ly/2yNxh8C

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5 Authors – 5 Free Books

5 Authors – 5 Free Books!

5 Free RomSusp novels!
Deal ends Friday, June 30th.

Get R.T.’s SAVAGE DECEPTION for free plus 1 or 4 romantic suspense novels by Susan Vaughan, Ann Voss Peterson, Virginia Kelly, and Marliss Melton. Deal expires Friday, June 30.

Click HERE to view the promotion page. 

R.T. Wolfe


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USA Today Down & Dirty Interview with R.T. Wolfe






Click HERE to read the Down & Dirty Interview.

Click HERE to view purchase links.


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New Release! Romantic Suspense, Savage Disclosure, Nickie Savage Series Book 3 by R.T. Wolfe

SDis HDNew Release! Savage Disclosure, Nickie Savage Series Book 3 is now up for pre-sale everywhere.

Click HERE to view it at Amazon.

Click HERE to view it at Barnes and Noble.

Click HERE to view it on Google Play.

Click HERE to view it at iTunes.

Detective Nickie Savage is on the heels of a domestic child trafficking ring—the same one responsible for her own childhood abduction.

When the ringleaders repeatedly slip her grip, Nickie suspects there’s a mole funneling information to an outside source and calls upon her new husband, Duncan Reed, to find the leak.

But Nickie needs more than Duncan’s photographic memory and computer hacking skills to get back on track. She must make peace with the ghosts of the children she left behind.

I love to hear from readers and answer almost every contact! 🙂 Email me at rtwolfenewsletter@gmail.com, use the Contact form at www.RTWolfe.com, snail mail me at P.O. Box 6344 Bloomington, IL 61702, or PM me at www.facebook.com/RTWolfe2012.

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Playlists For Each R.T. Wolfe Series? Yep. I do that!

RT Wolfe - Black Creek Series - Black Creek Burning - POD - AuthorUseWhat do you listen to as you drive? As you work? Do you need silence?

I have a playlist for each of my series. I can have noise around me as I work. In fact, I do much of my writing in coffee shops (thank you, Panera!) and can tune out whatever talking or music is going on around me. Okay, except that guy or gal who is talking on their cell at the table next to me. Why is that different? Hmm…

I’m not one of those people who work with headphones, however. My music listening comes before I write. Black Creek Series books were always preceded by The Fray, Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. The Island Escape Series? Jack Johnson, Phillip Phillips and Ed Sheeran, of course. 🙂 Right now I’m working on finishing up the Nickie Savage Series. Nickie is so awesome. I love writing her. She is all about Train, Maroon 5 and Sam Smith. Savage Deception

In fact, I have music for much of everything I do. The morning is for Phillips, Craig & Dean, Jeff Gutt, and Elliot Morris. A long bike ride or walk is Uncle Kracker, Tom Petty, and Life House.

ISHow about you?

Happy Reading!

-R.T. Wolfe

Author, Romantic Suspense

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Romantic Suspense New Release-Island Escape Book 1-R.T. Wolfe

ISThe Romantic Suspense novel, Island Secrets, Island Escape Book 1, by best selling author R.T. Wolfe is now available for pre order…

Click HERE to view the Amazon link.

Click HERE to view the Google Play link.

Click HERE to view the Barnes and Noble link.

Click HERE to view the iTunes link.

Click HERE to view the Kobo link.

When Zoe Clearwater learns that the skull she found in an underwater cave is her missing brother, she sells her scuba diving business, Sun Trips Touring, and dedicates herself to unravelling her brother’s mysterious death.

Dane Corbin, the new owner of Sun Trips, is determined to prove to Zoe, now his employee, that he is not the womanizer he once was. But it’ll take more than profit to turn Zoe’s head.

Her investigation at a standstill, Zoe unearths letters from a secret lover among her brother’s possessions, along with plane tickets, a promise to run away to safety, and the painful realization that she’ll need Dane’s help.

As mercurial clues plunge Zoe and Dane into a life-threatening pursuit and the truth burns brighter and brighter, Zoe recognizes she needs Dane as much as her brother’s un-named lover needed him. But Dane will have to make it to safety, first.

Island Secrets
Island Pursuit

Island Alliance


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$500 Visa Gift Card Drawing December 20!

VIsa$500 Visa Gift Card Drawing.

Drawing on December 20, 2014.

Share on Pinterest or the R.T. Wolfe Facebook Page Post to enter. Good luck!

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Sale! .99 cents for the Best-Selling Romantic Suspense, Black Creek Burning…

RT Wolfe - Black Creek Series - Black Creek Burning - POD - AuthorUseAfter six long years, Brianna Chapman is finally able to cope with witnessing the murder of her parents. 

Then, dead animals start showing up on her doorstep, her tires are slashed and her yard is scorched by an unexplained fire. 

But Brianna refuses to reopen her parent’s six-year-old arson-murder cold case, along with all the old wounds. 

Nathan Reed sees the incidents differently and quietly begins an investigation of his own. 

As Nathan’s and Brianna’s lives and passions intertwine, Nathan discovers a painful truth. Brianna’s parents weren’t the arsonist’s target. Brianna was. 

And the killer is back to finish the job.

Books #2 and #3 are also on sale for a limited time only.

cover photo

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Best Seller? Really?

SD High 1667x2500Since becoming a published author I’ve had my opinion of Best Seller status squashed. I’m not exactly sure what I thought went into becoming a best-selling author, but it had to be a big deal, right? Maybe not so much.

It turns out there are levels of best-selling status. An author can be an Amazon Best Seller, a USA Today Best Seller, or a New York Times Best Seller. (So sorry Amazon, but it goes in that order.) As long as one of an author’s books hits the top #100 (for a minute even) on one of these sites, they are a best seller for the rest of their career. Really?

What’s more disconcerting are the levels of best-selling status’ that are within the levels. An author can be a USA Today #1 Best Seller, or a New York Times International Best Seller. I’m so confused, and I’m a published author!

And then there are the authors who (understandably) streeeeeeetch this title to grab any speck of best-selling status they can get their hands on. You see, there are categories our books fall into. For example, I write romantic suspense. This means my books are weeded from all books, to fiction, to romance, to romance suspense. I recently had an author acquaintance celebrate her new best seller status because her book made it into the top #100 on Amazon in Contemporary Romantic Fiction. Oh dear.

For all of you who, like me, thought becoming a best seller was a really big deal … like Sears Tower big–I apologize. It’s still a big deal. Even if you make the top #100 at Amazon in Paranormal Contemporary Romantic Time Travel Fantasy Action Fiction. Sarcasm. Us authors take what we can get. It’s just not quite what we all thought it was. Yep. My opinion has been squashed. Squelched. Never to be the same.

RT Wolfe - Black Creek Series - Black Creek Burning - POD - AuthorUseMy first book, Black Creek Burning hit the top #100 (#53) overall on Amazon the first month it was published. It sat at the #1 spot at Barnes and Noble for 2 days (yes, 2 whole days of R.T. Wolfe doing cartwheels). Not just in romance or in suspense or in romantic suspense, but over all books in publication. Have I hit the top #100 on USA Today? On the New York Times list? No. Or should I say … not yet.

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