Rose Piper’s Preferred Conservation Sites…

The Center for Conservation Biology. This not-for-profit organization works to develop, ‘… lasting solutions to environmental problems … ‘ regarding mostly orinthology.

Operation Migration. A non-profit group that donates their time and money to the re-introduction of the highly endangered Whooping crane back into the wild.

Just for fun:

Live eagle nest cams (and one of Phoebe, the hummingbird). Click on the links. They will take you there, 90 feet in the air. They are generally active January through July.

Norfolk, Virginia at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. This cam is inactive this year. The nest was removed due to safety concerns. Hopes are for next year.

Decorah, Iowa live eagle’s nest cam. No eggs this year.

Alcoa, Iowa live eagle’s nest cam.

Hummingbird cam. Phoebe is a Channel Island hummingbird. She raises four to five clutches of chicks from December to May.

Rose’s dog, Charcoal, wanted to be included on this page.

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