Island Reveal, Island Escape Series Book 3 (2022)

Lead sea turtle conservationist, Raine Clearwater, emerges from the foamy ocean water wearing a bridesmaid dress and with a distressed sea turtle in tow. Fresh from her sister’s wedding, she’s greeted by the new interim police chief, Matt Osborne. He might look incredible in his wedding reception clothes and even more so when in uniform, but her deep disdain for law enforcement would gladly dismiss him were it not for the sea turtle needing transport to the aquatic animal hospital. She lets him pass with a jab about not solving her brother’s murder, then reluctantly accepts his help with the ailing turtle.

New to the island, Matt Osborne is formerly a big city detective now looking to prove himself in a small town by solving the murder of the Clearwater family’s eldest son. But to be successful, he must swallow his pride and work with the locals. Most notably, the ever-contentious, and beautiful, Raine Clearwater.

With one of his suspects found dead, and few leads, Matt knows he must step up his game. When he sets a trap with Raine as bait, his risky plan goes haywire when she goes missing as he realizes his ultimate goal isn’t turtles or solving the case or even his job, but keeping Raine safe and in his arms.

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