Island Escape Series

Zoe, Willow and Raine are determined to find the cause of their brother’s scuba diving accident. What they find is murder, missing treasure, and long-time secrets on this small island town set just off the coast of Florida’s Gulf side. Together with their organic parents, old friends and new lovers help to either solve the mystery or kill each other trying.

Island Secrets, Island Escape Book 1

Island Pursuit, Island Escape Book 2

Island Reveal, Island Escape Book 3

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R.T. spent a week this past summer on a Gulf coast island of Florida this summer to shadow sea turtle conservationists. Research, research.11825076_944150075637525_6240961632095004379_n527974_267622779989112_538959710_n





9 Responses to Island Escape Series

  1. Kristen LaJeunesse says:

    I just finished reading Black Creek Burning. I loved it! I can’t wait to read the other two books in the series and these new series I see coming up!

  2. Susan says:

    When will your Island Secrets be released? I have not found anything to say when to expect the release.

    • R.T. says:

      Susan: Thank you for your interest in my work. I am grateful. The Island Secrets release date should be out any day now. (I am guessing early June.) Sign up for my monthly newsletter–home page of this site–and I’ll send you an email the day I am notified. Thanks again, -R.T.

  3. Pamela Coil says:

    Just finished Island Secrets (Book 1). A nice relaxing read with a pinch of mystery and excitement. Getting to know the family and a bit of education on island fauna makes a great base for more of the series and definitely makes you want to move right on to the second book.

  4. Marsha Meseke says:

    I was hooked on R.T. Wolfe’s books from the very first chapter of her first series, Black Creek Series! Which immediately lead me thru Nickie and Duncan’s journey thru the Nickie Savage Series. Now the Island Escape Series. Island Secrets with mystery and romance in a tropical setting. Looking forward to getting to know Willow in Island Pursuit and Raine in Island Reveal!

  5. Karen Long says:

    Hi Ya’ll,
    When is the second book in the Island Escape series going to be released. It seems like forever since I read the first on.

    • R.T. says:

      Dear Karen: Because it has been forever. I am so sorry. I have a long list of really good excuses, but instead I will just say that I am working on next book right now and will email you as soon as I have a release date. The Clearwater family is just good fun. 🙂 Thank you for reaching out.

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