Tag. You’re It.

I was tagged by Alicia Dean (Soul Seducer, A Knight Before Christmas, Lady in the Midst, and more). Thank you, Alicia! I’m glad you enjoyed Black Creek Burning enough to choose me as one of the five authors you recommended. You’re a talented author and thoughtful person.

What is the title of my next book?

To Fly in Shadows is the second installment of the Black Creek Trilogy. Right now, it is in the hands of the East coast Center for Conservation Biology for review regarding the authenticity of scenes and facts pertaining to the main character’s career as a conservation biologist who specializes in the banding and rehabilitation of eagles. It is also with my eagle eye (pun intended) freelance copy editor, H. Danielle Crabtree. It is set to be released February 1st.

What genre does it fall under?

Romantic Suspsense

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?  Jessica Perez and Chris Hemsworth.

And now I’m going to tag five authors. Ugh. This is really hard. I know too many amazin authors to choose just five. Here goes and not  in this order!

Ine’s Saint (Charmed and Strangers in the Night): Her writing is poetic, and her stories will completely take you in and warm your heart.

Sharon Clare (Love of Her Lives and soon-to-be-released Rhapsody): Love of Her Lives is one of my all-time favorites. I cried buckets of tears-both happy and sad. She can suck you in. 🙂

M.J. Schiller (Taken by Storm and soon-to-be-released Trapped Under Ice): For a moving love story with wise-cracks and action, try her out!

Laurie Larsen (2010 EPIC Award Winner for Preacher Man): Preacher Man is one of the most feel-good stories I’ve ever read. I read it in one day. 🙂

Rena Koontz (Love’s Secret Fire): Firemen, family ties, arson, murder, the mob, a string of suspects and a forbidden romance. This one will keep you guessing.

If you were tagged, grab the questions above – or create your own! – and tag five authors you love … let’s keep this going.

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4 Responses to Tag. You’re It.

  1. Sharon Clare says:

    Thank you so much, R.T.
    You are so very kind, and I am so very lucky to have an advanced copy of To Fly in Shadows. I love the story premise and after having enjoyed Black Creek Burning so much, I can’t wait to get into your next book!
    Also can’t wait for the Crimson Wonderland Blog Hop. It’s going to be so much fun reading about the wonderlands all these talented authors have created!

  2. Thank you so much, R.T.! It is an honor to be mentioned with such talented authors! Now to the challenge of finding my five. Even though you’d be one, I can’t mention you, can I? And I don’t have Nora’s twitter address, but luckily there are so many other fabulous authors to choose from. Thank you again, and I’m glad you enjoyed “Taken by Storm” and “Trapped Under Ice.” Any way I can score an ARC of “To Fly in the Shadows?” I don’t think I can wait until the release date!

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