R.T. Wolfe/Operation Migration Blog Tour

RT Wolfe - Black Creek Series - Flying in Shadows - POD - AuthorUseRomance Suspense author 127_2742_1R.T. Wolfe and Operation Migration team up for the month of May. Stop by the following blogs to learn more about this non-profit organization and all they do for the highly endangered Whooping crane species. Quite truly amazing.

Suspense. Passion. Extortion. Trust. Conservation. 10% of the May proceeds from Flying in Shadows will be donated to OM. Stop by and leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

May 17, 2013 Author Margo Hoornstra

May 18, 2013 Author Diane BurtonHPIM0440.JPG

May 20, 2013 Author Anne Ashby

May 22, 2013 Author M.J. Schiller

May 27, 2013 Author Babette James

May 28, 2013 Author Nora Snowdon

Here is the link to Flying in Shadows: https://rtwolfe.com/books/eagles-flight/

Here is the link to Operation Migration: https://rtwolfe.com/books/eagles-flight/eagle-and-whooping-crane-links/whooping-cranes/

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