New Release, Romance Suspense, Dark Vengeance, Black Creek Series Book 3 by R.T. Wolfe

Release day! What a rush.

Dark Vengeance coverSame alarm. Same breakfast. Same sunrise. But there’s something about release day for an author. Dark Vengeance is the final installment of the Black Creek Series. Book 1 has made the Amazon top 100 overall and held the #1 spot on Barnes and Noble for 2 days. Black Creek Burning may have only sat next to James Patterson for 2 days, but that’s a big deal for this new author. Whoop!

Here are the links to popular ereaders. Amazon also has the book in print. So dang fun.

Click HERE for the Amazon link.

Click HERE for the Barnes and Noble link.

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Duncan Reed spent much of his life reliving the night his beloved aunt was nearly murdered. The night he was used as bait. Now the assailant is free and a whole new line of twists begin…twists that include the complicated Detective Nickie Savage.

A splinter series featuring the characters from the Black Creek Series is set to be released early in 2o14. Savage Deception, Nickie Savage Series Book 1, is the story of deceit, passion, commitment and the lack-there-of. It is going through edits at this moment. So dang fun.

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2 Responses to New Release, Romance Suspense, Dark Vengeance, Black Creek Series Book 3 by R.T. Wolfe

  1. Maryann casad says:

    Can’t wait until Savage Deception is released. I’ve read all of your books on my Nook and so sad I don’t have one to read now. I love your books.

    • R.T. says:

      Maryann casad: Sign up for the monthly newsletter and you’ll get an email when I know a release date. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Reed Family and all of their adventures. 🙂

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