Playlists For Each R.T. Wolfe Series? Yep. I do that!

RT Wolfe - Black Creek Series - Black Creek Burning - POD - AuthorUseWhat do you listen to as you drive? As you work? Do you need silence?

I have a playlist for each of my series. I can have noise around me as I work. In fact, I do much of my writing in coffee shops (thank you, Panera!) and can tune out whatever talking or music is going on around me. Okay, except that guy or gal who is talking on their cell at the table next to me. Why is that different? Hmm…

I’m not one of those people who work with headphones, however. My music listening comes before I write. Black Creek Series books were always preceded by The Fray, Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. The Island Escape Series? Jack Johnson, Phillip Phillips and Ed Sheeran, of course. 🙂 Right now I’m working on finishing up the Nickie Savage Series. Nickie is so awesome. I love writing her. She is all about Train, Maroon 5 and Sam Smith. Savage Deception

In fact, I have music for much of everything I do. The morning is for Phillips, Craig & Dean, Jeff Gutt, and Elliot Morris. A long bike ride or walk is Uncle Kracker, Tom Petty, and Life House.

ISHow about you?

Happy Reading!

-R.T. Wolfe

Author, Romantic Suspense

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